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  1. Commonly Asked Questions 

    1. I want to change the number of MOOV NOW™ devices I pre-ordered. How do I go about doing this?
    2. Can the two versions, MOOV Classic and MOOV NOW™ work together at the same time?
    3. What devices does MOOV NOW™ and MOOV Classic support?
    4. What kind of battery does MOOV NOW™ use?
    5. Can I track my data without having my phone nearby?
  2. What Moov Can Do For You 

    1. What is Moov?
    2. Why was Moov created?
    3. How does Moov work?
    4. How can MOOV NOW™ help me?
    5. How will MOOV NOW™ help me stick to my workout routine?
  3. Pre-order MOOV NOW™ 

    1. Why did you do a pre-order campaign for MOOV NOW™?
    2. How do I purchase a MOOV NOW™?
    3. How much does a MOOV NOW™ cost?
    4. Where do I choose my color?
    5. When do you plan to ship MOOV NOW™?
  4. Referrals 

    1. How do referrals work?
    2. What are the rules?
    3. How will I know I've earned referral credits?
    4. Can I use my own referral code?
    5. Will the referrer be notified when I use his/her code?
  5. MOOV NOW™ Device 

    1. How does MOOV NOW™ compare to other fitness wearable products?
    2. Why should someone buy MOOV NOW™?
    3. How do I change the battery of my MOOV NOW™?
    4. How does MOOV NOW™ work?
    5. What activities does MOOV NOW™ include?
  6. How is MOOV NOW™ different then MOOV Classic? 

    1. Device side
    2. App/software side
  7. MOOV Classic Device 

    1. I just bought MOOV Classic and now MOOV NOW™ is out. What can I do?
    2. Just got your MOOV Classic?
    3. What are MOOV Classic's technical specifications (tech specs)?
    4. How should I attach Moov to my ankle?
    5. How long does MOOV Classic's battery last?
  8. Master Moov App Coming Soon! 

    1. What are some features of the app?
    2. Is there a social aspect to the new Moov app? Can I share my accomplishments with my friends?
    3. Which programs support two Moov interaction? Cardio Boxing and second Moov integration for Swim is coming this Fall!
    4. Will the new app support MOOV Classic?
    5. Moov Run & Walk
  9. Moov Run & Walk 

    1. What level should I start on?
    2. Which program should I choose?
    3. How should I attach my Moov to my ankle?
    4. Can I track my free run with Moov?
    5. Why does each program use intervals?
  10. Moov Cycling 

    1. How can Moov replace my bike computer?
    2. What information is in my Activity Report?
    3. What is Moov power?
    4. What does my Route Difficulty tell me?
  11. Moov Swim 

    1. How do I start my swim?
    2. Ending Your Swim
    3. How do I edit my lap length?
    4. Do I have to keep my phone by the pool?
    5. Does Moov know when I haven’t gotten in the pool yet?
  12. Moov 7 Minute+ 

    1. What is the coaching philosophy of the Moov 7 Minute+ workout?
    2. Why isn’t Moov counting my reps?
    3. Where do I wear my Moov for the 7 Minute+ workout?
    4. How do I unlock levels?
    5. What does the swirl mean?
  13. Moov Cardio Boxing 

    1. What are the benefits of working out with Moov Cardio Boxing?
    2. What do the icons mean?
    3. How do I download Cardio Boxing for iPad?
    4. How is my score calculated?
    5. Do I need 2 Moov devices to use Cardio Boxing?
  14. Connecting Moov 

    1. How do I connect Moov?
    2. How do I avoid Bluetooth interference?
    3. How do I disconnect my Moov?
    4. What if my Moov isn’t connecting?
    5. Why does my Moov disconnect after my workout?
  15. Troubleshooting 

    1. Android connection troubleshooting
    2. GPS issue with some Android phones
    3. Configuring Text-to-Speech (TTS) settings on Android phones
  16. Moov Accesories 

    1. What accessories are available for Moov?
    2. How do I know when to wear the wristband vs. the ankle strap?
    3. Are the wristband and ankle straps adjustable?
    4. What are the wrist and ankle bands made of?
    5. Help! I accidentally removed the mount/clasp from my Moov band
  17. Backing, Ordering, Shipping, and Delivery for MOOV Classic 

    1. How do I get MOOV Classic?
    2. When will my MOOV Classic ship?
    3. Do you ship internationally?
    4. Does the price include VAT or other duties?
    5. I placed an order, but haven’t received an email confirmation. Help!
  18. International Shipping 

    1. Tracking Your Shipment
    2. Shipping Details: Australia (AU)
    3. Shipping Details: Belgium (BE)
    4. Shipping Details: Brazil (BR)
    5. Shipping Details: Canada (CA)
  19. Company Information 

    1. Who are the founders?
    2. How did the idea of Moov come about?
    3. Where is Moov headquartered?
    4. Why did you decide to do a pre-sales campaign?
    5. Are you hiring?
  20. Warranty & Returns 

    1. What is Moov's return policy?
    2. What is Moov’s warranty?
  21. All articles 

    1. How do I connect Moov?
    2. What accessories are available for Moov?
    3. What level should I start on?
    4. Who are the founders?
    5. Tracking Your Shipment
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