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  1. Commonly Asked Questions 

    1. When will my MOOV NOW™ ship?
    2. How do I report feedback or a feature request?
    3. Does MOOV NOW™ ship internationally?
    4. What devices does Moov support?
    5. How are calories calculated?
  2. Ordering, Shipping, and Delivery for MOOV NOW™ 

    1. How do I get MOOV NOW™?
    2. When will my MOOV NOW™ ship?
    3. Do you ship internationally?
    4. Does the price include VAT or other duties?
    5. I placed an order, but haven’t received an email confirmation. Help!
  3. Connecting Moov 

    1. What do I do if my Moov is disconnected during a workout?
    2. How do I connect Moov?
    3. How do I disconnect my Moov?
    4. What if my Moov isn’t connecting?
    5. How do I improve connection on my Android phone?
  4. Connected Apps  

    1. Does Moov sync with other apps?
    2. How do you connect to other apps?
    3. How do you sync a workout?
    4. How do I remove my Moov workouts from supported 3rd party apps?
    5. How do I prevent my Moov workouts from being synced to a connected app?
  5. MOOV NOW™ Device 

    1. How do I securely wear my MOOV NOW™ band?
    2. How do I secure my clasp into my band?
    3. Is MOOV NOW™ waterproof?
    4. Why isn’t my MOOV NOW™ lighting up?
    5. How do I change the battery of my MOOV NOW™?
  6. Daily Activity + Sleep Tracking 

    1. How do I set up Active Minutes + Sleep Tracking?
    2. How do I sync my Active Minutes + Sleep Tracking data?
    3. What is tracked in Active Minute + Sleep Tracking?
    4. How do I switch my Daily Moov to a different Moov?
    5. Why does Moov choose to track active minutes instead of steps?
  7. Moov Run & Walk 

    1. Which program should I choose?
    2. What level should I start on?
    3. Can I track my free run with Moov?
    4. Why can’t I see my distance on my Moov Run & Walk workouts?
    5. Why does each program use intervals?
  8. Moov 7 Minute+ 

    1. What information is in my Activity Report?
    2. What is the coaching philosophy of the Moov 7 Minute+ workout?
    3. Why isn’t Moov counting my reps?
    4. Where do I wear my Moov for the 7 Minute+ workout?
    5. How do I unlock levels?
  9. Moov Swim 

    1. How do I start my swim?
    2. How do I end my swim?
    3. Why is my swimming data off?
    4. How do I edit my lap length?
    5. Do I have to keep my phone by the pool?
  10. Moov Cycling 

    1. How can Moov replace my bike computer?
    2. What information is in my Activity Report?
    3. What is Moov power?
    4. What does my Route Difficulty tell me?
  11. Moov Cardio Boxing 

    1. When is Cardio Boxing coming out for Android?
    2. What are the benefits of working out with Moov Cardio Boxing?
    3. What do the icons mean?
    4. How do I download Cardio Boxing for iPad?
    5. How is my score calculated?
  12. Moov App 

    1. What are the main features of the new app?
    2. What are the Moov sports?
    3. Where do I leave feedback when reporting issues to Moov support?
    4. How do I connect a heart rate monitor to the Moov app?
    5. Which heart rate monitors does Moov support?
  13. Firmware Update 

    1. What is a firmware update and why do I need it?
    2. How do I update the firmware?
    3. I cannot connect to update my firmware. Now what?
    4. What if there’s an error or if I quit the firmware update?
  14. International Shipping 

    1. Tracking Your International Shipment: All Non-US Countries
    2. Does the price include VAT or other duties?
    3. Shipping Details: Australia (AU)
    4. Shipping Details: Belgium (BE)
    5. Shipping Details: Brazil (BR)
  15. Moov Classic Device 

    1. How to set up Moov Classic
    2. What are Moov Classic's technical specifications (tech specs)?
    3. How should I attach Moov to my ankle?
    4. How long does Moov Classic's battery last?
    5. How can I check the battery level of my Moov Classic?
  16. Company Information 

    1. Who are the founders?
    2. How did the idea of Moov come about?
    3. Where is Moov headquartered?
    4. Why did you decide to do a pre-sales campaign?
    5. Are you hiring?
  17. What Moov Can Do For You 

    1. What is Moov?
    2. Why was Moov created?
    3. How does Moov work?
    4. How can Moov help me?
    5. How will Moov help me stick to my workout routine?
  18. All articles 

    1. When will my MOOV NOW™ ship?
    2. Which program should I choose?
    3. Who are the founders?
    4. Tracking Your International Shipment: All Non-US Countries
    5. What do I do if my Moov is disconnected during a workout?
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