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Allow the moov to work on exercise bikes at home or gym!

So I prefer to work out at home and the moov has some home work outs but not much else. Because it's winter people are less motivated to go outside and a lot of people use exercise bikes at home or gym. Could we have something for exercise bikes?

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • juliafarnandasjuliafarnandas commented  · 

        Running an average of 30 minutes a day burns about 250 calories, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, will burn about 1200 calories in 1 hour. The most affected part of the body when using exercise bikes is the abdomen itself. In addition, the use of bicycles for the elderly also helps change the balance of cholesterol in the body to protect the body is always healthy.http://bit.ly/2von0kK

      • RebeccaRebecca commented  · 

        Using this with my FitDesk. I wear the MoovNOW and MoovHR. Still not seeing an easy display summary for HR activity. Also, not tracking estimated miles seems a bit odd for a cycling app.

      • Tally JenkinsTally Jenkins commented  · 

        What is the update. Indoor cycling app should record miles like a cycling computer on a bike.

      • Leanne Cassell MaloneLeanne Cassell Malone commented  · 

        I did a 45 minute workout on my bike last night. Used my Moov app and it talked to me and told me RPM and time. When I synced it up it registered no activity. How can i fix this? I boggy thus to track cycling and dancing. I've not had success with either at this point.

      • DriDri commented  · 

        I used this new feature for indoor cycling on my trainer. Perfect for winter months when I can't ride outside. Wore the bracelet on my ankle and linked my activity to Strava. ****Only wish would convert rpm and time to total miles completed.****

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        You say u have released spinning
        How about a spinning workout
        Rather than just track free workouts ?????

      • zulfikarzulfikar commented  · 

        I am so glad to know about exercise bike.because from this post I have known about the body building process. so it is an excellent post.

      • Jeffrey Merino-OttJeffrey Merino-Ott commented  · 

        Guessing if this ever does get implemented (most times something is "started" it's a year+ before any other replies come about), it'll only be for iOS.

      • John VogtleJohn Vogtle commented  · 

        As a Moov user, I share the frustration that's been expressed here. I am happy to report that Moov continues to develop their software. I've beta tested the newest release for Android and am happy to report that it supports spinning and links to MapMyFitness and Strava. There are still some bugs in the software but things are moving ahead (albeit more slowly than originally promised)

      • Quyen NguyenQuyen Nguyen commented  · 

        We all and peruse the numerous requests here on the forum. But one fact is clear. Moov team has stopped developing. I know it's hard. But part of me can't helped it but think they have scammed us all with these promises. If you are looking to buy the device hoping they'll do things they said on this forum? Don't. If you did, return it.

        Now, if you like the EXISTING functionality and wish for nothing more? Then buy it for what it is. But don't hope it will be improved. Promises are empty.

      • GwenGwen commented  · 

        It's been ages waiting for this ! Please make this available before its winter again !!

      • EerkeEerke commented  · 

        Whilst I agree indoor cycling will be very nice, you clearly can't get speed or distance from cadence unless you know the gear and even then it wouldn't work unless it was a fixed wheel bike. Some form of smoothness would be nice, but then you've got ankle movement (and foot unless sole stiff), so it would be hard to tell from above the ankle.

      • Douglas GibbsDouglas Gibbs commented  · 

        Ditto! To all comments. I agree during incumbent weather I bike inside, need to be able to keep the moov app active.

      • ToddTodd commented  · 

        Ditto! To all comments.

      • Chris BurnsChris Burns commented  · 

        The lack of updates from the Moov team is extremely disappointing. It seems all the ideas that your user community have come up with, mostly very sensible ones that should have been in from the start are tagged as "Started", but then left for 6+ months.

        I'm hoping that the silence from the Moov team is a sign that the development of a lot of extra functionality is underway, and we'll get a hefty update within the next week or so - but I don't hold out much hope.

      • paulpaul commented  · 

        development of the spinning program was started months ago, just seems to take forever to get anything finished. i have had my moovs for 14 months and and asked for indoor cycle trainer back then.

      • RobRob commented  · 

        is anybody from Moov team reading those comments at all?

      • WilliamWilliam commented  · 

        Please add indoor bike exercise!

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