How do I connect Moov?

Please note you connect your Moov inside the Moov app only, not in Bluetooth Settings in your phone.

1. Open the Moov app and in Activities tab, tap on any Moov program and tap "Select workout". Or you can tap on "Set up my Daily Moov" at top of tab and tap on "Set up my Daily Moov" again. 

2. The next screen should ask to "Press Moov to connect", press your Moov core to signal to your mobile device it can be detected.


3. Once your Moov is detected, a screen will show up with a list of the Moov’s available for connection. Tap the name of the Moov you want to connect.


4. Once your Moov is connected, the circle to the left will be filled and the battery level will appear under its name.


5. Press Continue to Workout

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