Tracking Your International Shipment: All Non-US Countries

Track your shipment

Note: Shipments to Australia & Hong Kong will not be shipped using SingPost.

Australia: To track your order, use Australia Post’s website. Learn more about shipping with Australia Post here.

Hong Kong: Your order is being shipped using Morning Express. Track your order on Morning Express's website. Learn more about shipping to Hong Kong here.

Singapore Post Shipping (All other international shipments): To track your shipment, input your tracking number (provided to you when your Moov has shipped) into Singapore Post’s Track & Trace Tool. 

It may take 2-5 business days for Singpost to have your tracking information available on their website.

Total transit time is estimated to be 8-22 business days, but may take longer for certain locations.

Moov shipments may be screened by your country's Customs agency, which can cause extra delay.

When your tracking information status has changed from "Despatched" to "Arrived," your Moov has cleared Customs and is in the hands of your country's postal system. We recommend contacting your country's postal service if you have questions about the status of your shipment at this time.

Although we do as much as possible to reduce delays, we ask that you understand that postal and customs procedures are out of our control. We have found that orders for Germany and Great Britain may take up to 29 business days to be updated from “despatched” to “arrival at destination post”. This is due to orders being held in customs. If your order has not been updated by the end of 29 business days, please let us know. 

You are always welcomed to contact us as well and we will do our best to send a formal inquiry to your local postal service. Formal inquiries can only be sent after 18 business days of posting. We know international shipping can be a bit long and know that we're here with you every step of the journey!

Please note that tracking is only available in certain countries depending on your country’s postal system.

Once your Moov has arrived at overseas (Country code: xx) you can continue tracking by using the drop down menu near the bottom of the tracking page. Select your shipping country and enter the same tracking number on the associated website. If your country is not listed in the drop down menu, we don't have official tracking to that country.

Please see International Shipping → then select your shipping country within our FAQ to see shipping information you may need to know.

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