What do the icons mean?

Jab, cross, hook, and uppercut are signalled within the program using the following icons:

Jab: A jab is thrown with the leading arm. The punch is thrown straight ahead, fully extending the arm.

Cross: A cross is typically thrown using the dominant arm, which is the back arm. This punch crosses over your body’s center line and targets the same point as a jab.

Hook: A hook can be thrown using either arm. Lift the elbow so your forearm is parallel to the ground and your arm is bent about 90 degrees .. Punch to the side of the target by turning at the waist and pivoting your toes.

Uppercut: An uppercut can be thrown using either arm. The arm is brought low and then strikes out and up with about a 90 degree bend at the elbow toward the opponent’s chin.

Further instruction on these punches can be found in the Basic Training videos.

The blue icons that come up occasionally in fast sections indicate a hit on a half beat. When you see these icons, prepare to hit fast!

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