How do I end my swim?

To end your workout, select “tap here to finish”  and then press the Moov core.. It may take a couple of seconds for your mobile device to react.

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Uploading your swim can take a couple of minutes depending on the length of your workout.


If you need to cancel your upload, no worries, your swim will still be saved on your Moov device and can be uploaded later. The next time you connect your Moov you will be prompted to upload your swim. When you have a swim stored on your Moov, active minutes + sleep tracking will be paused. To resume active minutes + sleep tracking, please upload your swim.

After uploading your swim you’re taken to your Activity Report. Here, it is important to set the length of the laps you swam. Slide the lap length distance to select yards or meters to set your lap length. Most public pools will have lengths of 25 or 50 yards/meters. If you do not know the length of the pool you swam in, you can always edit it later. Your swim data, calorie count, etc. will adjust with it. Once finished, tap Save to save your lap length, and view your full Activity Report.

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