How does Moov work?

Moov knows how you move in real-time and provides you with feedback to help you improve your biomechanics so you can get more out of your workout.

Along with the accelerometer used in basic fitness trackers, Moov’s Omni Motion™ sensor employs a gyroscope to detect rotation and a magnetometer for sensing orientation. These sensors give Moov the ability to recreate motion in 3D. With this, Moov holds you accountable to goals and coaches you through scientific workouts, giving you feedback as you exercise so you can improve your form to prevent injury.

Moov connects to your mobile device through low-energy wireless connection and works with Moov’s app. Moov applications are able to provide data analysis, audio and visual interactive feedback based on complex algorithms that understand both quantitative data and the quality of your movement.

Using Moov is easy! Strap Moov onto your ankle or wrist, start a Moov program, and maximize your workout by following Moov’s real-time coaching.

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