How to set up Moov Classic

Charge Your Moov

You got your Moov Classic, awesome! To ensure full battery during your first Moov workout, remove your Moov device from the package and charge it using the included charging pad and cable. Connect the charging cable to the charging pad and insert the other end to a USB port on a computer or a standard USB wall adapter.

Match the pinholes located on the bottom of the Moov core, to the metal pins on the charger pad and insert Moov into the charging pad carefully, making sure to match the grooves located on the inside of the charging pad and on the edges of Moov. Moov will light up green when charging.

Your Moov Classic should look like this:


When MOOV Classic is fully charged, it will no longer light up.

Mobile Device Settings

Moov connects to your mobile device via bluetooth so make sure your Bluetooth is set as “On” by going into your mobile device’s Settings → Bluetooth → Swipe “On” (swipe to green)

Make sure your Location  is set as “On” by going into your mobile device’s Settings → Privacy → Location Services →  Swipe “On” (swipe to green)

Download the Moov App

The Moov app includes, Moov Run & Walk, Moov Cardio Boxing (iOS only, coming to Android in 2016), Moov Swim, Moov 7 Minute+, and Active Minutes + Sleep Tracking. It is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Click the links below to download or search within the App Store.

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