What is tracked in Active Minute + Sleep Tracking?

Moov Active Minute + Sleep Tracking is a tool to help you understand how much you are getting active during the day and monitor your sleep so your body can restore overnight.

Moov tracks:

  • Active minutes allow you to see how active you are across a variety and sports and activities. Learn more about why we use active minutes here.

  • Moov workouts are highlighted on your daily activity timeline and count toward your active minutes.

  • Sleep is automatically detected and recorded, as is restorative sleep.

Goals and badges motivate you to keep moving and push yourself throughout the day.

Daily activity tracking uses advanced motion detection and processes the way you move in our algorithm to estimate your calories, active minutes, and sleep.  

Our sleep tracking algorithm is powered by extensive data collection and analysis. Moov gets to know you and your sleeping patterns for even more accurate results over time. Moov sleep tracking metrics will help you understand how long and how soundly you sleep.

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