How do I update the firmware?

When it’s time to update your Moov’s firmware, you will be prompted with the message “Firmware update required” when you connect to a Moov workout. Press “Update” to continue. When you are prompted to update the firmware, it needs to be updated before you can start your workout.

You can also check for firmware updates manually by going into your Moov app → Settings → Update Firmware → Then follow the instructions.

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The next screen will give you important information about completing your firmware. Read the instructions and the press “Continue” at the bottom. Then press Moov to connect and select the Moov you would like to update on the connection screen.

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Select “UPDATE FIRMWARE”  to start the update. You will see the percentage start counting towards 100%. When updating the firmware, make sure to keep the app open and Moov near your phone. Once it’s complete, you’ll receive the message “Firmware up to date”. It is very important that you let the update finish. It will only take a couple of minutes. If you have any issues updating your firmware, please try again immediately.

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