Why isn’t my MOOV NOW™ lighting up?

If your MOOV NOW™ isn’t lighting up, there are 2 things it could be:

  • Firmware update was not completed

  • The battery has died

Please read below to diagnose your problem.

Firmware update not completed

If you recently attempted a firmware update and it did not complete, MOOV NOW™ will not light up, but it can connect. It cannot be used for active minutes + sleep  or workouts until your firmware update is complete.

To complete your firmware update, go into your Moov app → Settings → Update Firmware → Then follow the instructions.

Be sure you keep your Bluetooth on and MOOV NOW™ near your phone while the update completes. It should only take a few minutes.

Battery has died

If these steps don’t work, the battery may be dead. Learn how to easily replace the battery yourself here.

Be sure to end your workout in the Moov app when you are finished. Keeping your workout running can drain battery.

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